Imola Operations (Autumn) Ltd. (3W+)

  • Imola Operations (Autumn) Ltd. is the Three Wells Plus (3W+) joint venture project is in the Provost, AB Region with the opportunity to drill 3 oil wells with potential to drill up to 10 additional wells on the Imola Lease
  • The Lease is in a well-developed area with yearround access, existing infrastructure, and multiple custody transfer points. A total of two sections (1,280 acres) of land with surrounding lands available for acquisition.
  • • Imola drilled a successful oil well in the Mannville Glauconitic sandstone channel near Coronation, Alberta, and began production September 7, 2019.
  • The Lease 13-13-39-10W4 is designed for three wells, the first well 105/13-13-39-10W4 is drilled and producing
  • The project includes a “Bonus Section” 33-38- 10W4.
  • The land and drilling targets are in southeast Provost.
  • Oil Gravity of current production ranges from 25- 34° API