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Why a looming coal ash problem could boost solar power in Georgia
Everyone wants a greener world — or at least says so. The path that each of us would take to get there is another matter. Environmentalism on the political right is wholly different from environmentalism as conceived....
EPA Changes Rule For How Utilities Handle Coal Ash Wastewater
The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a new rule for how coal-fired power plants can dispose of wastewater contaminated with coal ash, which could change how a number of Duke Energy’s North Carolina plants..
From trash to treasure: Reclaiming ND's abandoned coal mines
For the time being, the only way to access the abandoned Buresh coal mine in Dickinson is driving around heavy machinery through foot-tall weeds, down an overgrown dirt road. Just weeks ago, it didn't look like a coal...
Firm will repurpose ash ponds
Consumers Energy again has contracted out-of-state professionals to help it move toward its zero-coal goal by 2040. Charah Solutions Inc., a Louisville, Kentucky-based provider of environmental and maintenance services
Saginaw and Bay City News Coal ash is the legacy of old power plants in Michigan. See MLive’s full report here
Michigan’s two largest power companies, Consumers Energy and DTE Energy, are moving away from burning coal and toward renewable energy. But even as decades-old coal-fired plants across the state retire and are torn down
Chemists pinpoint green method to separate coal ash minerals, elements
Chemical specialist Elixsys reports successful laboratory extraction of industrial-grade compounds from power generating stations' coal combustion products (CCP). Through methods exhibiting "zero waste and environmental
Coal-fired power plants finding new uses as data centers, clean energy hubs
A St. Louis firm specializes in getting environmentally challenged properties ready for reuse, including coal plants. As coal-fired power plants become uneconomic and are shut down for good, a new sort of recycling....