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U.S. Petroleum Exports Climb to Record as Crude Output Grows
The year 2017 started off with a bang for American oil companies as total crude and petroleum products exports rose to a record 5.69 million barrels a day in January, government data show. A surplus of fuels means....
This Interactive Maps Out the Lives of Former Presidents
After leaving the highest elected office in the nation, what's a President of the United States to do? What can top a position as the most leader of the free world? Thirty-five of the 43 presidents have gotten.....
Idaho oil and gas industry growing, new potential areas eyed
The amount of severance taxes generated by Idaho's oil and gas industry is getting close to paying what it costs the state to regulate the industry. Idaho Department of Lands Director Tom Schultz estimates that 2017...
Is Oilfield School a Path to a Working-Class Future or an Anchor to the Past?
Valentina Quinonez sets the teeth of her monkey wrench around a cockeyed pipe coupling, squares her shoulders to the wrench’s two-foot-long handle and braces against it. She stands hardly more than five feet tall in her
As Fort McMurray Burned, The Oil And Gas Community Stepped Up
The past month has shown us a lot of tragedy, compassion, hope and pride. Oil workers and environmentalists, easterners and westerners, urbanites and rural dwellers, and politicians of all stripes have rallied around...