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Trump tells Chevron to “wind down” oil fields in Venezuela
The Trump administration on Tuesday ordered Chevron Corp. to “wind down” operations in Venezuela by Dec. 1, barring the California-based oil giant in the meantime from drilling or exporting, as the U.S. increases.....
India's Upside for Oil Demand Seems Unlimited
With almost 1.4 billion people, India remains the most energy-deprived nation on Earth. The upside for demand seems almost unlimited. India has 635 million people under the age of 24. This is a burgeoning young.....
Qatar to leave OPEC in January 2019
Qatar has announced that it is quitting OPEC as of January 2019. The country claims that its reason for doing so is so that it can now focus on establishing its place as the world’s number one exporter of LNG.....
Oil World Turns Upside Down as U.S. Sells Oil in Middle East
The United Arab Emirates, a model Persian Gulf petro-state where endless billions from crude exports feed a giant sovereign wealth fund, isn’t the most obvious customer for Texan oil. Yet, in a trade that illustrates how
China Says Natural Gas Demand to See Huge Growth this Year
China’s natural gas consumption will increase this year on the back of continued policy backing from Beijing, as part of a broader clean-energy drive to replace coal with natural gas and other efforts to reduce chronic
Asia Needs to Invest $22 Trillion in Infrastructure by 2030: ADB
An ADB report says the developing Asia region needs to invest a total of US$22.6 trillion—US$1.5 trillion a year—most of it in China and India, between now and 2030. The Asian Development Bank on February 28 more than...
Record: Natural Gas Powers 69% of Israel’s Electricity
Israel hit a record amount of natural gas production of electricity on Tuesday evening: As of shortly before 8 P.M., 69% of the country’s power was being produced from natural gas. A growing share of Israel’s electricity
Colombian peace process presents opportunities for business
A pending peace deal between the Colombian government and the armed rebel group FARC should give a lift to the Latin American country’s economy, and reduce pressure on oil and gas producers operating there.......
Oil-rich Venezuela is now importing U.S. oil
A ship carrying half a million barrels of oil that was pumped in the U.S. docked at a terminal owned by Venezuela last week, according to oil data research firm ClipperData. The shipment was sent to a facility located on
OPEC Oil Output Cut to Ease Pressure on Canadian Producers
The spokeswoman added that Canada had no knowledge of whether OPEC member states were going to cut production or not. “Most analysts expect Canadian oil sands production to continue to increase, but at a slower pace...