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Trump to approve $22B railway between Alaska and Alberta
U.S. President Donald Trump says he will grant approval to a $22-billion freight rail project connecting Alaska and Alberta. The president tweeted Friday that based on the recommendations of Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan..
Fully autonomous drones ‘next step’ for oil and gas
The introduction of unmanned aircraft vehicles has been a game-changer in the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors, industry leaders agree the next major step in the field will be utilizing fully autonomous drones.
Ocean Infinity: launching the autonomous Armada fleet
Although a relative newcomer to the AUV mapping and inspection sector, Ocean Infinity has already put its multi-vessel fleet to work for some major firms, including ExxonMobil and Shell. Next year the company plans....
Equinor Completes World First Drone Operation
Equinor completed the world’s first logistics operation with a drone to an offshore installation, the company announced late last week. Under the operation, a drone flew a 3D printed part for the lifeboat system from...
Autonomous Guard Vessel may someday protect offshore facilities
Although offshore structures such as wind turbines do need to be protected, crews of guard boats can get bored just waiting around to chase off intruders – plus, of course, they have to be paid a salary. It was with.....
The record-breaking jet which still haunts a country
In the early years of the Cold War, Canada decided to design and build the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world. Canada is well known for its rugged bush planes, capable of rough landings and hair-raising.....
Rise in Rail Shipments Points to Beginnings of Rebound in Canada
One of Canada’s railways is seeing signs the economy is bouncing back from the coronavirus pandemic.Volumes rose 4% at Canadian National Railway Co. in the last week of May as manufacturing and construction sectors....
The Incredible Story of the US Army's Earth-Shaking, Off-Road Land Trains
You need to get 500 tons of supplies from Fairbanks, Alaska to the Arctic Ocean—a journey of about 400 miles through pure wilderness. There are no roads, very few airstrips, and endless ice. You're going to have.....
Trump looks to open up railroads for LNG shipments
Liquefied natural gas could soon move around the country by rail as the Trump administration moves to loosen restrictions on transporting LNG in an effort to further boost to the nation’s energy sector.
Self-driving trucks are cruising down I-45 between Dallas and Houston
When Don Burnette worked at Otto, a self-driving truck startup, his team hit some pretty big milestones. It recorded the first shipment of cargo delivered by a self-driving truck: 50,000 cans of Budweiser in 2016.....
Leaders plan to modernize McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System
U.S. Sens. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and John Boozman (R-Ark.), along with Governors Kevin Stitt (R-Okla.) and Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.), announced provisions in America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act that outline future
BAE's autonomous patrol boat packs 12.7-mm heat and offers 10-day mission range
Targeted at anti-piracy, border control, intelligence gathering and maritime security missions, the Pacific 950 is an autonomous boat that can operate alone for up to 10 days, or cover 300 nautical miles (556 km) at...
LNG By Rail Could Help Protect U.S. Maritime Law
President Donald Trump's executive order allowing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to move by rail could be used to head off attempts to open up domestic vessel shipments to foreign competition, a maritime executive has told
Electric cars are slowly displacing gasoline and diesel in the U.S.
The growth of electric vehicles in this country has yet to take much of a bite out of gasoline and diesel fuel. But the vehicles are slowly displacing more of the fossil fuels according to a recent Bloomberg report.
Canadian Crude by Rail: Growing or Slowing?
We interview James Cairns, CN Rail’s Vice President of Petroleum and Chemicals on the outlook for Canadian crude by rail considering the Alberta government production curtailment. We also tackle some new modalities....
Aerial drones broaden energy industry’s horizon
Last year, Dhiaa Jamil, chief operating officer of power conglomerate Duke Energy, watched helicopters string transmission lines as they darted between towers standing as high as 100 feet, pondering the high costs of..
Suncor initiating roll out of driverless heavy haulers across its oilsands fleet
Just one day after announcing the official start of operations at the new Fort Hills oilsands mine, operator Suncor Energy will start replacing what appears to be its full heavy hauling mining fleet with driverless
The AquaMAV Drone Seamlessly Traverses Sea and Sky
The Aquatic Micro Air Vehicle (AquaMAV) developed by Mirko Kovac, Ph.D., of the Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London, is a bio-mimetic drone similar to the RoboBee we recently reported on. While both of these..
Former GM Vice Chairman Lutz Predicts End of Automotive Era in 20 Years
Not one to shy away from bold predictions, auto industry veteran Bob Lutz is saying that the automotive era will be over in 20 years at the latest. Around this time, shared autonomous modules will rule the road, and....
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Can Now Safely Access Confined Spaces
While there is no doubt people are essential to the heavy industrial workplace, there are many advantages to be gained by removing them from performing hazardous tasks such as inspecting above ground-level or in confined