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Not a Wheel Turns Without It
In the final US presidential debate, President Trump asked Joe Biden, “Would you close down the oil industry?” Biden confirmed, “I will transition from the oil industry, yes." It’s an unfortunate preconception — 40%...
World Oil Supply And Price Outlook, August 2020
The Energy Information Administration released its Short-Term Energy Outlook for August, and it shows that OECD oil inventories likely bottomed in this cycle in June 2018 at 2.804 billion barrels. It estimated stocks....
Canada Oil Sands Output Poised for 41 Percent Increase
IHS Markit recently projected that Canada's oil sands production should hit nearly 3.8 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2030, representing a nearly 1.1 million-bpd increase from current levels. Although this year's.....
Age-Old Warnings About Coal
"Whenever I read headlines about transition and decarbonization, I have to pause. Stats indicate the world remains addicted to coal, the most carbon-intense fossil fuel. The allure of this cheap, secure, quick energy....
Frac is Back
U.S. fracking is set for its first monthly rise this year, according to a new Rystad Energy analysis. The independent energy research company outlined that new fracking operations in the country are on track to grow...
Oil Is Back — But, Post-Pandemic, Where Will It Come From?
U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, “OIL (ENERGY) IS BACK!!!!” He’s right: oil is no longer being given away for free. For the first time since early April, benchmark prices have clawed their way above US$30 a barrel.
This Could Be The Beginning Of A Tremendous Oil Rally
If you’re a fan of oil, and I expect you are seeing as how you’re reading articles on OilPrice, get ready for a positive forecast about oil prices moving higher. You’re going to like the direction this article takes. Oil
Post-Pandemic Energy Realities
What does our energy future look like? Right now, I feel like I’m already in the future, in some sci-fi movie. You know the genre, where people are trapped in a cyber-stoked parallel reality. The pandemic highlights....
If the US Slapped Tariffs on Oil Imports, Consumers and Refiners Would Feel the Sting
Around the world, people are staying home to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. The unprecedented human lockdown has collapsed oil demand and is causing financial distress for oil producers. The situation .......
Colluding on Oil Production Is a Game That Can’t Be Played Anymore
The 2020 Olympics have been deferred, but the Geopolitical Oil Games are full on. Who will stand on the gold podium? Saudi Arabia, Russia or the United States? Will countries like Canada, Brazil or Norway even place?
GOLDSTEIN: Fossil fuel energy holds the key to economic recovery
Contrary to the position of many environmentalists, COVID-19 is not a golden opportunity for Canada to shift to a low-carbon economy. That would increase the time it will take us to recover from the economic downturn....
Peter Tertzakian: The crisis facing Canada’s oilpatch isn’t just the industry’s problem, it’s everybody’s problem
We need to think outside the barrel. Industry, government and all stakeholders should proactively work together to minimize damage to our energy systems. Because this isn’t an industry issue anymore, it’s now societal.
How to Get Rich: Every Episode + Extras
This giant episode collects all of my interviews on How to Get Rich, based on my tweetstorm on the same topic. It also includes all the Q&A episodes we did after the tweetstorm and 10 minutes of unreleased material.....
The End of Energy Obesity
After last week’s dramatic episode of rallies and UN speeches, I sense the climate change narrative has shifted (again). And it’s shifted into uncomfortable territory – culpability for our planet’s malaise is crossing...
Energy Information Administration Details Short-Term Energy Outlook
The US Energy Information Administration released its short-term energy outlook this week, outlining the country’s energy production in 2019 and future production in 2020. According to an article published by Power.....
Light at the End of the Pipeline
Western Canada has the cheapest oil prices in the world. Canadian heavy oil is selling for $US 45 under WTI, light oil is selling for $US 25/B less. The price markdowns are costing the Canadian economy over $C 100MM
Thumbs Up for Canada
Who should be the supplier of choice for the world’s 100-million-barrel-a-day oil needs? Should there be a merit order ascribed to producers? We rank ballroom dancers and wannabe singers on television. Restaurants,..
Commentary – Oil’s Anxiety Surcharge
Barrel traders recently pushed the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil above $US 55; the first time in over two years.Scarcity doesn’t really justify the upward price movement. There isn’t a shortage of oil in...
Canadian industry body boosts oil, gas drilling forecast by 8 percent
Canadian light oil producers will drill more wells than previously expected this year as the sector benefits from investors transferring capital out of the oil sands, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada said....
Future of oilpatch dependent on managing risks through technology
If there’s one constant to the energy sector, it’s that it is anything but. Geopolitics, economics, policy formation, the constant need for capital and the affects of technology all mean it’s forever having to adapt..