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U of A professor designs website to track oil and gas wells
Joel Gehman, a professor at the University of Alberta has created a project called WellWiki WellWiki is a website which tracks more than 4.3 million oil and gas wells throughout Canada and the United States. The website
This 'snake robot' can fix pipelines on the ocean floor
The deep-sea oil and gas industry has a vast and costly infrastructure to maintain. Wells, other equipment, and thousands of kilometers of pipeline must be installed, inspected and repaired. Now, cutting-edge underwater
Shell and Microsoft Embark on New Alliance
Shell International Petroleum Company Limited and Microsoft Corporation announced Tuesday that they are embarking on a new strategic alliance to support progress towards a world with net-zero emissions.
Microsoft Deepens Oil Ties
Big Oil is tapping Big Tech to keep drilling off the shores of Brazil even as the global pandemic traps workers at home. Confronted with the need to keep employees working remotely, Petroleo Brasileiro SA fast-tracked...
Digital Dome to Protect Louisiana’s Energy Infrastructure
Louisiana State University’s research entity has been awarded a $25m federal contract to create a digital dome capable of protecting the Pelican State's energy infrastructure from cyber-threats.
Halliburton advances its digital capabilities
Halliburton has signed a five-year strategic agreement to make a major advancement in its digital capabilities. The company entered into the agreement with Microsoft Corp. and Accenture to move the company’s digital....
Railroad Commission launches drone fleet for inspections
The Railroad Commission of Texas has launched a fleet of eight drones that are expected to give an aerial boost to inspections of oil field equipment. As part of the new effort, 19 agency inspectors have received remote
Basic Energy Reveals Automated Water Management Solution
Basic Energy Services Inc. has successfully tested an automated water management solution with a major U.S. operator. The solution allows operators to manage their water volumes within their existing internal dispatch
Energy industry turning to robotics to inspect infrastructure
No matter the commodity price, the equipment that produces, moves and processes crude and natural gas must be maintained. “Ongoing maintenance is critical,” said Jake Loosararian, co-founder and chief executive officer
‘Smart water’ may help maximize reservoir production
Now there’s evidence that oil and water do mix. Sort of. Scientists at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering show that microscopic saltwater droplets emulsify crude oil when each has the right composition......
Tools of the trade: Industry finding new methods to manage legacy assets
A vast number of inactive wells certainly does challenge Western Canada’s energy sector, but new technologies and process improvements help industry meet the challenge of getting wellsites and associated facilities....
New Technology For H2S Removal In Crude Oil
Q2 Technologies, the developer of triazine based Scavengers, has now brought to market an innovative H2S Scavenger for crude oil applications. Refineries, production streams and crude oil terminals can eliminate fouling
Video Inspection Equipment market outlook to 2027 witnessing high growth illuminated by new report
The Insight partners has announced the addition of the Video Inspection Equipment Market 2027 by Types, Application, Technology, Opportunities, End Users and Regions report to their offering....
How a Provincial Strategy Created a Nanotech Industry in Alberta
NASA’s challenge was to heat a speck of moon dust 100th the diameter of a human hair to 1,000°C and then bring it back down to room temperature in less than a second. The U.S. space agency, working in conjunction with
Formation water reduction technology proves successful in the field
Produced water, or formation water, is naturally occurring water that is brought to the surface during oil and gas production. It is by far the largest by-product for the industry. While there is significant variation in
Oil producers turn to artificial intelligence for efficiency
Philippe Herve, vice president of oil and gas solutions for Austin-based SparkCognition, works with major energy producers including BP to improve efficiency in the oil patch. He spent more than 30 years at Schlumberger
Blockchain platform Ondiflo automates ticketing processes in the oil and gas industry
Amalto SA, a provider of order-to-cash solutions, and ConsenSys, a global blockchain company, have come together to create a platform that is dedicated to the automation of ticketing processes in the oil and gas industry
With oilsands looking towards automation, Keyano braces for change
When the winter road opens sometime before the end of the year, joining the parade of vital supplies trucked to Fort Chipewyan will be a trailer from Keyano College. Inside, to Fort Chipewyan.Inside will be a simulator
Accidental Discovery: Bitumen Pellets for Heavy Oil Transport
Researchers at the University of Calgary have developed something that may have a significant impact on the transport of heavy oil, and it is the size of a pill. The discovery in question is a pellet, self-sealing with a
Oil and Gas at the Edge
Downtime is expensive for any manufacturer, but downtime in the oil and gas industry—needless to say—is extremely expensive. According to an MIT Sloan study, a single day of downtime for a liquefied natural gas (LNG)...