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Enhanced Oil Recovery
Genetic kill switches keep engineered microbes from going AWOL
Bacteria can be great little workhorses, engineered to make better batteries, clean up waste plastics, combat cancer and even produce oxygen for the first human settlers on Mars. The problem is, we don't really know what
New technology could recover more oil from early Bakken wells
Oil companies are applying new hydraulic fracturing techniques to early Bakken wells, a process industry leaders say has the potential to recover more oil without increasing the footprint on the land. Operators...
Study Shows Hydraulic Fracturing Benefits Local Communities
The benefits of hydraulic fracturing on a national scale are well-known: lower energy prices, greater energy security, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Yet there have been concerns that adverse health and social...
Fracking Not The Source Of Water Contamination
Despite concerns about the environmental impacts of fracking, a new study finds it may be having little impact on water contamination in Colorado. Researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder, found that.....
EIA: Hydraulically fractured wells provide two-thirds of U.S. natural gas production
For decades, hydraulic fracturing had been referred to as an unconventional completion technique, but over the past 10 years it has become the technique by which most natural gas is produced in the United States. Based
DNV GL-led project gives green light for wind-powered oil recovery
The DNV GL-led WIN WIN Joint Industry Project (JIP) shows that for suitable fields, wind-powered water injection is technically feasible, capable of meeting performance targets, and offers a cost-competitive alternative
What geologic formations are the main targets of hydraulic fracturing and where are they?
The most well-known targets of hydraulic fracturing are tight formations, such as tight sands, coal beds, and shale formations. Maps from the U.S. Energy Information Administration give a general idea of where shale...
Who is responsible for monitoring the issues associated with hydraulic fracturing and protecting our environment?
The states regulate many aspects of oil and gas exploration and production. Federal land managers, such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.....
Hydraulic Fracturing Information
Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are safely unlocking vast U.S. reserves of oil and natural gas found in shale and other tight-rock formations. Developing energy from shale is an advanced process that uses..
Sand And Inflow Control Can Help Enhance Oil Recovery
Enhancing oil recovery in an unconsolidated sand formation is one of the most critical challenges in any sand face completion. Failure to correctly address the issue of sand production can heavily impact the productivity
New oilfield extraction technique piloted near Lloydminster
A pilot project employing technology that could raise oil recovery rates from 5% to 45% in certain reservoirs has been unveiled near Lloydminster. The Solvent Thermal Resource Innovations Process (STRIP) uses a burner...
EOR: Transworld Technologies Paves the Way for 25%-50% Waterflood Production Uplift
Oil and gas operators have used waterfloods for decades to improve recovery of remaining oil from older reservoirs once they have produced past their primary recovery phase. Over time, waterfloods become less efficient
Catalysts for Heavy Oil Extraction Developed at Kazan University
Projected heavy oil and viscous oil reserves in Russia are up to 40 – 50 billion bbl., and a significant portion of that volume is in Tatarstan's depths. Heavy oil extraction warrants special technological processes.....
$300K project to unlock greener methods of producing heavy oil
Ian Gates, professor and head of the Schulich School of Engineering’s chemical and petroleum department at the University of Calgary, is working with Innovation Saskatchewan and the Petroleum Technology Research Centre
Report Shows Sands Of Bidahochi Are Ideal For Hydraulic Fracking
Northeastern Arizona is once again being spotlighted for its vast natural resources. According to a recent report provided by the Arizona Geological Survey, the sands in the Bidahochi Formation near Sanders is.......