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Nobody Tips a Scandiscope
The simplest things can sometimes teach us the most. That’s why I want to tell you a story about chimneys. A chimney is simple enough: it’s a hollow column made of bricks, stone or cement that vents out gases from......
Energy Transition Will Drive More Copper Mining
Look just beneath the surface of many of the technologies powering the energy transition and there’s a red metallic glint. Copper is a vital part of green infrastructure from grids to wind turbines, and a recent price...
Easing Gently into a New Paradigm
As expected, the Biden administration is going all-in on decarbonization. Although his drilling ban on federal lands and cancellation of Canada’s KXL pipeline do little to impede American oil production or consumption...
Canada: Energy: Oil & Gas 2020
Canada is a federal state comprised of a federal government, ten provincial governments and three territorial governments. Both the federal government and the provincial and territorial governments have the jurisdiction
Canada: Alberta's Proposed Pivot To Petrochemicals: A Fresh Investment Landscape In The "New Normal"
There have been a number of recent interesting economic and legal developments aimed at generating greater investment in Alberta-particularly in areas that will help diversify the provincial economy and make it more
Nearly $14 Billion Ready to Invest in Post-COVID Economic Recovery — Report
A new report from the Consumer Energy Alliance details nearly $14 billion worth of economic activity is being threatened by delays, obstructions, and cancellations of pipeline infrastructure projects. The report......
US Crude Production Stages A Modest Rebound
The Energy Information Administration reported that June crude oil production rebounded by just 424,000 barrels per day, averaging 10.436 mmbd, following a 2 million barrel per day collapse in May. That compares......
Report: State-owned minerals worth $1.45 billion
A new appraisal of North Dakota’s state-owned minerals puts their value at $1.45 billion. The figure stems from a model for all 2.6 million acres of state minerals based on a number of factors related to oil and gas.....
Canadian oil giants emphasize climate change and diversity as they compete for investment
For executives at Husky Energy's headquarters in Calgary, there is a new wrinkle in how their pay is calculated: climate change. This is the first year the company is linking greenhouse gas emissions to compensation as..
A New Energy System Rises?
What if we could build a miniature sun on Earth? News last week suggests we’re getting closer to doing just that. In France, construction began on the world’s first commercial nuclear fusion plant, called ITER.......
Why The Cushing Storage Hub Matters To Oil
Crude oil reserves are finally showing signs of falling, resulting in oil prices in the range of the low $40 and the reduction is evident among operators at the Cushing storage tank farm in Oklahoma. The oil market has
The roughneck US cowboys who drilled Britain's secret WWII oil wells
Sherwood Forest, home of England's legendary outlaw Robin Hood, was a long way from the front lines of World War II. But that's where, amid the sun-dappled woods, I encountered one of the war's most extraordinary secrets
Crude Oil Has Best Month EVER
Crude oil just posted its best month ever after suffering its worst month ever, not that long ago. Crude oil in the July contract posted a monthly gain of +57%! Yes, you read that right, +57%, pushing the price of oil..
Green Shoots in the Natural Gas Market
It’s no secret that the oil market is in turmoil. COVID-19 related travel restrictions have destroyed oil demand and producers have struggled to deal with low (or even negative) pricing. Even the recent uptick above $30B
Can oilfield water safely be reused for irrigation in California?
A new study at Duke University and RTI International finds reusing oilfield water mixed with surface water to irrigate farms in the Cawelo Water District of California's Kern County does not pose major health risks.....
Survey: 20% of energy workers would take unpaid leave than return to office now
Some 2o percent of energy workers who have been working from home since mid-March say they would rather take unpaid furlough than risk returning to a physical office space at this time of the pandemic, according to ....
What Is ‘Fresh’ Oilfield Water?
Most water that comes up with oil is pretty nasty stuff, full of heavy metals and loaded with salts, says Clay Rodgers, executive officer for the Central California Regional Water Quality Control Board. In fact, most...
These 5 Charts Show How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Global Energy Demand and Emissions
As the global economy comes to a standstill amid the coronavirus, energy demand is set to drop a record amount. The International Energy Agency released a report that shows how this pandemic—which has killed at least...
The World is Locked Down, yet the Paris Target is Still out of Reach
Coronavirus has put half of the world’s population into lockdown. People are not commuting to work, traveling by air or road, shopping, going to events or eating out. The global economy has literally ground to a halt.
Changes on the horizon in Wyoming's oil and gas industry
A pair of bills cleared Gov. Mark Gordon’s desk and became law last week, with the aim of improving Wyoming’s oil and gas regulations. The bills come on the heels of a recent rule change enacted by the state’s oil....