Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and  Environment (HSE)Imola, is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace that is safe and secure and which preserves and protects the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, visitors, the public, and the environment. We will achieve operational excellence through the consistent application of established health, safety and environmental loss control principles and practices and the effective adoption of new and evolving technologies.

The following objectives form the basis of Imola’s health, safety and environmental policies, and are reflective of the core values of our organization:

  • We will utilize new and evolving technologies to enhance the management and delivery of our health, safety and environmental loss control system and to provide greater levels of safety and security to all participants in Imola operations.
  • We will make the most efficient use of our resources in order to minimize the potential impact of Imola’s activities on the environment and the people and places affected by our operations.
  • We will regularly conduct assessments of health, safety and environmental risks and implement appropriate control measures to ensure that the potential for any negative impact to people and the environment is carefully managed and is kept as low as reasonably achievable.
  • We will implement our health, safety and environmental loss control system throughout all levels of company operations and will provide the necessary direction and support to all stakeholders to ensure consistent implementation and the desired results.
  • We will have in place the required Emergency Response Plans (ERP), supported by effectively trained and appropriately equipped personnel, at all levels of the organization.
  • Our loss control system will ensure that all personnel engaged in work activities on Imola sites are competent in the skills required to complete their tasks and that each individual is aware of Imola loss control policies and their responsibility to implement and support those policies.
  • Through our loss control system we will ensure that the performance expectations of third party services are clearly defined and communicated and that performance results are continually evaluated for improvement opportunities.
  • We will have systems in place for the reporting and investigation of incidents as required by regulation and will ensure that any corrective actions necessary for the prevention of reoccurrences will be determined, communicated and implemented in an expedient manner.
  • Our loss control system will contain a document management program to ensure that all required health, safety and environmental documentation is retained in a manner that is protected and accessible.
  • We will monitor and regularly evaluate Imola's progress, internally and externally, against benchmarking tools in order to continually improve the Company's health, safety and environmental performance