Business Strategy

A comprehensive industry audit was conducted to identify various strengths and opportunities, both in the marketplace as well as internal to the company. The analysis and recommendations contained in that audit have served as a framework for the company’s overall business strategy.


    The latest commodity marketing software tools (including SCADA, Business Intelligence, ERP, Asset Management, Production Accounting, and web based reporting tools) will be used to ensure the production is marketed with the highest net back and lowest cost of delivery.


    Imola is partnered with service providers that have solid industry credentials. Where possible, and without compromising quality, preference will be given to those firms that provide an incentive for utilizing their service offerings.


    Imola will utilize field-proven technology that is designed to increase production, decrease operating costs, incorporate professional process, and increase safety and security.


    Capital funding will be focused on those projects that have the highest potential to repay investment costs within a relatively short, predefined timeframe.


    Asset production and valuation information will be accessible to shareholders on a real-time basis. Additional information, enabling stakeholders to keep current with company developments will include: status updates, financial statements, accounts receivable, corporate minute books, and other relevant documentation. An online collaboration tool, allowing multiple audience targeting and participation, will also be available for all users.