About Us

Imola Operations (Autumn) Ltd is a privately held, oil and gas production start-up, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Focused on oil and gas production assets. During the past five years, the company has invested considerable time and effort identifying and planning the implementation and integration of the appropriate technologies and business processes required for achieving its business objectives.

Mission Statement

Imola's mission is to acquire, drill and optimize oil and gas properties in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. Our strategy is to be a performance leader in the Canadian oil and gas industry, utilizing proven technologies coupled with extensive engineering and production experience. By focusing on our mission objectives, we will achieve operational excellence and superior financial performance for our shareholders.

Our Motto

Working together we all succeed.

Strategic Focus

Imola’s operations strategy is focused on:


Imola firmly believes that technology is a strategic component for company success, and has several key business partnerships and relationships already in place with key technology providers.

Imola has been very careful in selecting those technologies that will be embedded into the company’s business processes. The following principles have helped guide this selection process:

Core Business Principles

Imola’s core business principles are as follows:

Business Plan

The Imola Business Plan provides the blueprint for seamless growth, optimized processes, and reduced stakeholder risk. The plan is based on careful opportunity analysis, a sound risk reduction strategy, and the creation of shareholder value. The plan is also designed to leverage the skills, contacts, and expertise of the Management Team and the Investor Group.


Compliance with ISO and other industry and regulatory standards directly impacts key success factors, including quality, customer satisfaction, and reliability. Based on Imola’s staff experience with system implementation, documentation control, and Total Quality Management, it is anticipated that full standards compliance will be achieved immediately upon commencement of field operations.

The applicable standards under which Imola operates include the following: