Quality Management

Quality Management As part of our mandate for achieving operational excellence, Imola has designed a comprehensive Quality Management Program that will assist the company in attaining the highest possible level of performance. Integral to the success of this program is Imola’s commitment to completing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification within the first two years of operations. ISO certification provides the framework for increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, reducing corporate risk, and ultimately, increasing the value of the company for shareholders.

The oil and gas industry operates in an environment that is subject to a variety of risks, including the handling of flammable and explosive fluids (liquids and gases), often at high pressures, utilizing a variety of systems and processes. Accordingly, considerations for the safety of site personnel and the public are of paramount importance and achieving the highest levels of safety requires rigorous conformity to all required engineering, user and regulatory requirements. In addition, safeguarding the environment and protecting business continuity require the highest possible level of operational integrity. To meet these requirements, Imola’s Quality Management Program will ensure that all necessary QA/QC policies, procedures and resources are implemented across all levels of the organization, and that all personnel understand and work towards defined and measureable operational objectives.

Through the implementation of ISO Standard systems, Imola will be ideally positioned to document and address actual and potential non-conformances, not only internally but also those occurring externally in the company’s service and supply chain. Records of key performance indicators will also be kept and regularly audited and evaluated against internal and external criteria to determine the effectiveness of existing practices, and driving continual improvement in the company’s overall performance.