Corporate Governance

Corparate Governance Although not mandated by law for private companies, corporate governance helps to ensure the long-term success of all companies, public as well as private.  It supports value creation, responsible business practices, and the accountability of management to shareholders. It provides the structure for setting and pursuing corporate objectives, while addressing the needs of the social, regulatory and market environments. It specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among all stakeholders, and provides the rules and procedures for corporate decision making. It also provides a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the actions, polices and decisions undertaken by the corporation.

Imola has voluntarily adopted a corporate governance program that promotes corporate fairness, transparency and accountability. The strength of Imola’s program is based on a proactive and flexible organizational structure, which is aligned with efficient policies and processes.

The key objectives of Imola’s corporate governance program include the following:

  • guide the oversight of the Board of Directors, its relationship with management and its accountability to shareholders
  • ensure that the value of the company is protected for shareholders
  • promote responsible business practices that reflect industry best standards and meet or exceed all required legal and regulatory requirements
  • attract external investment
  • drive competitiveness
  • reduce the cost of raising capital
  • ensure the alignment of interests and the long term success of all stakeholders, including investors, employees, financial institutions, customers, suppliers, and the general public