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Alternative Energy
Report: New Lithium Mines May Bring Battery Prices Down
Automakers continue to express concerns over the supply of raw materials for electric-car batteries. A Bloomberg report suggests that might not be the reality at all. Enough new lithium supplies are coming online that...
Ohio cement plant looks to wind to reduce footprint of energy-intensive industry
Workers broke ground this week for a One Energy wind project at LafargeHolcim’s Paulding cement plant in Ohio. The three turbines being built by the Findlay-based energy company will supply about one-fifth of the cement
US Energy Storage Solution: Giant Water Batteries
Pumped hydro is an old technology but it still plays a role in energy storage globally and here in the US. The basic idea is to store energy in the form of water held in an uphill reservoir, and leverage gravity.....
University of Utah engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrude
Researchers at the University of have developed an unusually rapid method to deliver cost-effective algal biocrude in large quantities using a specially-designed jet mixer. The new kind of jet mixer extracts lipids from
Djibouti Looks To Tap Its Geothermal Potential
In July 2017 Djibouti secured $27m in funding from the Kuwait Development Fund for the development of the Gale-Le-Koma geothermal project in the Lake Assal region. The funding deal came on the back of a two-week....
Geothermal makeover eyed for Alberta's old oil wells
Disused oil and gas wells dotting Canada's energy heartland may bear fruit for Alberta's farmers under a proposal to use waste heat from the idle facilities to allow crops to grow, even in the country's harsh winter...