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Aerial drones broaden energy industry’s horizon
Last year, Dhiaa Jamil, chief operating officer of power conglomerate Duke Energy, watched helicopters string transmission lines as they darted between towers standing as high as 100 feet, pondering the high costs of..
Suncor initiating roll out of driverless heavy haulers across its oilsands fleet
Just one day after announcing the official start of operations at the new Fort Hills oilsands mine, operator Suncor Energy will start replacing what appears to be its full heavy hauling mining fleet with driverless
The AquaMAV Drone Seamlessly Traverses Sea and Sky
The Aquatic Micro Air Vehicle (AquaMAV) developed by Mirko Kovac, Ph.D., of the Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London, is a bio-mimetic drone similar to the RoboBee we recently reported on. While both of these..
Former GM Vice Chairman Lutz Predicts End of Automotive Era in 20 Years
Not one to shy away from bold predictions, auto industry veteran Bob Lutz is saying that the automotive era will be over in 20 years at the latest. Around this time, shared autonomous modules will rule the road, and....
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Can Now Safely Access Confined Spaces
While there is no doubt people are essential to the heavy industrial workplace, there are many advantages to be gained by removing them from performing hazardous tasks such as inspecting above ground-level or in confined
Drone companies find new opportunities in the Eagle Ford (slideshow/video)
With growing demand in the oil fields, drone operators are finding more uses for unmanned aerial vehicles in the Eagle Ford Shale. San Antonio-based startup DataWing Global was founded in February 2015 by a group.....
Viewpoint: Canadian crude returns to the rails
A Canadian heavy crude-by-rail revival may be on tap in 2017 as exports averaged a record 2.26mn b/d this year, topping the 2.21mn b/d in potential takeaway capacity on the country's four major pipeline systems.......
Suncor leads self-driving truck trial in Alberta's oilsands
Suncor has confirmed a one-year pilot project to test six 400-tonne autonomous-ready Komatsu trucks in an isolated section of northern Alberta’s oilsands. Japan’s Komatsu says that while operating autonomous dump trucks
Alaska Railroad prepares for 1st US shipments of natural gas
The Alaska Railroad is making final preparations for the first U.S. rail shipments of liquefied natural gas, a fuel that could be used to alleviate air pollution problems in the state's second-largest city. The railroad
Airships to the oilsands
Airships to the oilsands: Giant craft seen as environmentally-friendly benefit to oil and mining industries. The long-held vision of giant airships nearly the length of a Canadian football field delivering workers......
Company to study feasibility of shipping oilsands crude to Alaska by rail
A rail company is getting ready to launch a feasibility study this spring into its plan to send trains full of oilsands bitumen from Fort McMurray, Alta., to Alaska. From Delta Junction, in the Alaska interior, the oil