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Ocean Wind and Waves Have Grown Stronger Over the Last Three Decades
Over the last three decades, the seas became stormier and the roughest waves got bigger, according to a new study in the journal Science.To get a handle on the oceans, researchers gathered 4 billion observations of wind
4.3 magnitude earthquake shakes central Alberta near Rocky Mountain House
A 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit west of Red Deer, almost a week after a similar incident in the same area. Information posted by Natural Resources Canada states the earthquake happened around 4 a.m. 32 kilometres.......
One scientist's radical idea to engineer mice and stop Lyme disease
Scientists are proposing the radical evolutionary step of genetically engineering the white-footed mice of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket to rid the islands of Lyme disease. The nasty bacterial infection can cause...
Refineries Coming Back Online after Harvey
15 out of 20 refineries are back to normal levels after Harvey; Irma-caused power outages interrupted natgas demand The impacts of Hurricane Harvey are slowly fading, as companies work to bring operations back to normal
Oklahoma oil and natural gas companies to lead Red Cross supply drive
Oil and natural gas companies with field offices throughout Oklahoma on Friday will collect water bottles and other supplies to help the recovery effort from Hurricane Harvey. The one-day supply drive is organized by...
Rescuers seek anyone -- alive or dead -- left in Houston floodwaters
Rescuers began a block-by-block search of tens of thousands of Houston homes Thursday, pounding on doors and shouting as they looked for anyone -- alive or dead -- who might have been left behind in Harvey's fetid....
A terrifying size comparison shows how much rain Hurricane Harvey has produced
Hurricane Harvey has produced 9 trillion gallons of rain since it made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday night, and meteorologists forecast an additional 5 to 10 trillion gallons before the storm system subsides
The Texas Oil Industry Scrambles to Prepare for Harvey
Harvey is ramping up to be a pretty impressive hurricane and oil and gas companies are scrambling to stay ahead of the storm and get ready to get through it intact. Gas prices are already spiking as Harvey approaches
Here's How to Find Out If Your Tap Water Is Okay to Drink
Tap water in the United States is generally safe to drink. At least that’s what we are told by medical professionals and government agencies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates public drinking....
Geologists: Here’s what caused Kansas’ biggest earthquake
The largest recorded earthquake in Kansas history likely came from waste water injected into the ground by just one or two nearby wells, according to a new study by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey. One of those
5.8 temblor renews search for ways to dispose of oil-, gas-well wastewater
The Oklahoma earthquake that shook people from Texas to North Dakota put a new dent in the idea that fracking-linked temblors were too small to matter. Oklahoma and federal officials quickly ordered the closing....
Oilsands producers set to re-enter evacuated sites
All of the Canadian oilsands facilities that workers fled last week as a wildfire spread are being allowed to prepare for restart as cool, humid weather has helped contain the inferno. Alberta lifted mandatory evacuation
Fort McMurray wildfire destroys work camp, encroaches on oil and gas facilities
The wildfire that razed thousands of buildings in Fort McMurray two weeks ago showed how unrelenting and unpredictable it is as it encroached on oil and gas facilities to the north, destroying one work camp and again...
AER Updates: Fort McMurray Wildfires 2016
Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) staff across the province continue to provide around the clock support during this difficult time in the Fort McMurray area. AER staff are monitoring the situation and are working closely
Carbon dioxide emissions are down in the US as fracking increases
Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the US fell by 12% from 2005 to 2015 as the electricity industry switched from coal to natural gas. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported on 9 May that annual CO2
Oil sands fared well through Canada fire
May 8 The mass evacuation of residents from the wildfire-devastated Canadian oil town of Fort McMurray is likely to significantly delay the restart of production, even though energy facilities themselves have escaped...
A Third of Power From Canada's Oil Sands Wiped Out by Fires
Electricity flowing from plants at Canada’s oil sands operations has shrunk by almost a third as a wildfire ravages the region, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate in what may become the country’s costliest
Oil Town Evacuated as Wildfire Curbs Canadian Oil Sands Output
Suncor Energy Inc. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc reduced their production in the heart of Canada’s main oil-sands region and converted their work camps into shelters to aid fleeing residents of a wildfire that’s racing....
New regional response to earthquakes being developed by state regulators
State regulators are drawing up another regional approach to combat induced earthquakes and try to prevent their migration. This comes after sweeping wastewater volume reduction plans were announced a little more than...
Oklahoma Earthquake Gives More Impetus To Fracking Fears
Oklahoma was struck by a magnitude 5.1 earthquake, the third-strongest quake ever recorded in the state, which has experienced a surge in seismic activity in recent years, feeding ongoing fears about the connection....