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Light at the End of the Pipeline
Western Canada has the cheapest oil prices in the world. Canadian heavy oil is selling for $US 45 under WTI, light oil is selling for $US 25/B less. The price markdowns are costing the Canadian economy over $C 100MM
Thumbs Up for Canada
Who should be the supplier of choice for the world’s 100-million-barrel-a-day oil needs? Should there be a merit order ascribed to producers? We rank ballroom dancers and wannabe singers on television. Restaurants,..
Commentary – Oil’s Anxiety Surcharge
Barrel traders recently pushed the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil above $US 55; the first time in over two years.Scarcity doesn’t really justify the upward price movement. There isn’t a shortage of oil in...
Canadian industry body boosts oil, gas drilling forecast by 8 percent
Canadian light oil producers will drill more wells than previously expected this year as the sector benefits from investors transferring capital out of the oil sands, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada said....
Future of oilpatch dependent on managing risks through technology
If there’s one constant to the energy sector, it’s that it is anything but. Geopolitics, economics, policy formation, the constant need for capital and the affects of technology all mean it’s forever having to adapt..
What Part of the Barrel is Under Threat?
In response to a flurry of mistaken news stories, Mark Twain was once quoted as saying “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” If an oil barrel could talk, it would no doubt be sharing the same sentiment.
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance CEO Dan Wicklum on the Inevitability of Carbon-Neutral Oil
Back in 2012, when scarcely a dozen oil sands firms accounting for almost 90 percent of all oil sands output formed Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), they changed the industry forever. This is not hyperbole
How To Navigate Alberta’s New Liability Management Rating And Its Unintended Consequences
With green shoots now emerging from what has been one of the worst downturns in energy in a generation, one thing has been abundantly clear to us: Governments and regulators do not seem to have particularly auspicious...
Worrying about where the next super-giant oil fields are is far more important than weekly rig count data
There is a lot of media noise these days about rising rig counts, how drillers are enthusiastic again, and how production may stop falling and stabilize. The commentators get into a fever pitch awaiting Friday’s weekly
A Timetable for Better Times
The price of a barrel of oil is determined in far off lands, displayed instantly on nearby screens.How long does it take that dollar-per-barrel flicker of pixels to trickle down to the sound of swipes and taps of buying
Bearish Oil is Not Our Cup of Tea
Here’s a contrarian thought for discussion: The Brexit drama is actually bullish for oil prices. The next time you go for afternoon tea, tell your friends that the anxiety surrounding Britain leaving the European Union..
What a "True" Canadian Has to Say About Our Energy Business
To my fraternity of Canadian LINKEDIN members working in the oil and gas industry I would like to direct your attention to a speech given by Mr. Peter Tertzakian at a Liberal Party Convention, in May of this year. I have
Energy is a Battlefield
The world buys about $US 3.5 trillion worth of primary energy – coal, oil, natural gas, nukes and renewables – every year. Fighting for every Megajoule supplied to hungry consumers has become the mother of all market....
2016 Liberal Convention Keynote Speech
We should be "proud of all the resources we develop. Because we're good at it." Canadian oil, is "some of the best oil in the world in terms of its responsible development and its cleanliness." "We need to get out.....
Fracking will pay off for Appalachia, oil chief says
A top official in the oil industry says Appalachia could end up being a major player in the oil and natural gas industry, even as many in coal country blame President Obama for targeting them with job-killing.......
Freeze or Not: Oil Markets will Balance
Someone asked me yesterday, “Why didn’t Alberta send someone to the Doha meetings?” I resisted the temptation to reply with a dismissive comment. It was a silly question, but I had to admit that I wouldn’t have minded..
America’s Secret Weapon
This presidential election has the country captivated. As many commentators have pointed out, the primaries are more focused on personalities than policy. While the parties focus on who is going to represent them.....
China Peak Diesel Poses A Serious Challenge To Saudi Arabia, May Help Force OPEC Production Cut
China’s own official data suggest near term diesel fuel demand may have peaked in at least 13 provinces, which collectively account for nearly 60% of the country’s diesel fuel use (Exhibit 1). This development matters...
Why The President changed his mind — and won't allow oil drilling in the Atlantic after all
For the last six years, the Obama administration has been mulling a controversial plan to open up the Atlantic coast for oil and gas exploration. It seemed inevitable that some sort of drilling would eventually occur...
Continental Resources CEO Sees Oil Prices Doubling by Year End
Energy executive Harold Hamm says oil prices should double to $60 by the end of 2016—a contrary prediction for a market currently bracing for oil to fall to $20.? He also believes that Saudi Arabia made a “monumental...