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Oil producers turn to artificial intelligence for efficiency
Philippe Herve, vice president of oil and gas solutions for Austin-based SparkCognition, works with major energy producers including BP to improve efficiency in the oil patch. He spent more than 30 years at Schlumberger
Blockchain platform Ondiflo automates ticketing processes in the oil and gas industry
Amalto SA, a provider of order-to-cash solutions, and ConsenSys, a global blockchain company, have come together to create a platform that is dedicated to the automation of ticketing processes in the oil and gas industry
With oilsands looking towards automation, Keyano braces for change
When the winter road opens sometime before the end of the year, joining the parade of vital supplies trucked to Fort Chipewyan will be a trailer from Keyano College. Inside, to Fort Chipewyan.Inside will be a simulator
Accidental Discovery: Bitumen Pellets for Heavy Oil Transport
Researchers at the University of Calgary have developed something that may have a significant impact on the transport of heavy oil, and it is the size of a pill. The discovery in question is a pellet, self-sealing with a
Oil and Gas at the Edge
Downtime is expensive for any manufacturer, but downtime in the oil and gas industry—needless to say—is extremely expensive. According to an MIT Sloan study, a single day of downtime for a liquefied natural gas (LNG)...
North Sea supply vessel steered remotely from California control center
Wärtsilä has undertaken a successful remote control test of a platform supply vessel (PSV) in the Scottish North Sea, in collaboration with owner Gulfmark Offshore. Remote control navigating was performed from.....
Cloud computing, internet of things will be major contributors to success in oil and gas
Cloud computing, internet of things will be major contributors to success in oil and gas, Halliburton and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership, combining a digital empire and a services giant. The partnership will
Could a nanosatellite monitor greenhouse emissions from oil, gas facilities in the DJ?
Alberta was the first jurisdiction in North America with mandatory greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for large emitters across all economic sectors (Oil Sands and EHG Emissions Fact Sheet, Public Works.......
Is oil and gas finally embracing digital?
According to the consultants who whisper in the ears of oil and gas executives, the energy industry is on the brink, finally, of embracing the digital world. “Digital” has been a buzzword in the energy sector for years.
ExxonMobil, NCSA, Cray Scale Reservoir Simulation to 700,000+ Processors
In a scaling breakthrough for oil and gas discovery, ExxonMobil geoscientists report they have harnessed the power of 717,000 processors – the equivalent of 22,000 32-processor computers – to run complex oil and gas....
AeroLift eXpress Offers Insight about UAV Applications in O&G
AeroLift eXpress is definitely a company on the move – sharing insight about unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAV’s, with businesses across Texas and around the world. “Although leaders across a spectrum of industries.....
SCADA’s role in optimising production
For years, SCADA systems have been employed wherever large amounts of information, from various sources and locations, need to be jointly processed – for example in supply network monitoring, water treatment......
BP, GE launch real-time asset management technology
BP and GE have introduced Plant Operations Advisor (POA), a new digital solution designed to improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of BP’s oil and gas production operations.
What you need to know about SCADA
Let’s begin with the basis of the acronym: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. Basically, SCADA systems help electric co-ops quickly spot and solve power outages – this means safer, more reliable electricity for..
Forum Energy Technologies to supply ROVs for New Orient newbuild
Forum Energy Technologies Inc. has received an order from New Orient Marine Pte. Ltd. to supply three remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for the company’s multi-purpose ice-class vessel currently under construction in..
New Online Tool Maps Out California's Oil and Gas Facilities
A new online mapping tool shows California has almost 93,000 oil and gas facilities......... a new online system at,
Laredo's new computer model leads to increased production
Laredo Petroleum Inc. has boosted its second-quarter production estimates while continuing to lower costs, the Tulsa-based oil and natural gas producer said. Speaking at analyst day in Midland, Texas, Laredo executives
Monitoring pipelines from space
Orbital Eye has created a service that can monitor oil and gas pipelines by using satellites from space. A pipeline operator from Africa has shown interest in the service. As pipeline safety is so important, operators..
Drones Help Detect Corrosion under Insulation
Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the most common forms of corrosion found in the oil and gas industry. Many components such as piping systems, pressure vessels, tanks, and other equipment are insulated for...
PG&E Testing Safety Drones to Inspect Electric and Gas Infrastructure
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is testing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, to enhance the safety and reliability of its electric and gas service. The FAA has authorized ....