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U.S. energy regulators authorize AGDC's proposed Alaska LNG project
The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said Thursday it authorized construction and operation of Alaska Gasline Development Corp’s (AGDC) proposed $43.4 billion Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project.
Governor signs Oil and Gas Produced Water and Waste Recycling and Reuse Act into law
Legislation designating who owns and is responsible for wastewater resulting from oil and natural gas drilling operations was signed into law on Tuesday by Gov. Kevin Stitt. By Sen. Dave Rader, R-Tulsa, Senate Bill 1875
Alberta Expands Orphan Well Association's Powers
Alberta has expanded the powers of the Orphan Well Association (OWA) to allow production and operation of wells, pipelines and facilities in its custody. On April 2, Bill 12: Liabilities Management Statutes Amendment Act
Federal Government Announces C$2.5B In Relief For Oil And Gas Sector In Alberta, Saskatchewan And British Columbia
On April 17, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a Federal relief package totaling approximately C$2.5B for the oil and gas sector, consisting of C$1.7B to clean up orphan and inactive wells in Alberta........
Relief for Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic Response
Physical distancing and other safety protocols that have been put in place to support the COVID-19 response may impact the availability of industry staff and limit capacity to comply with reporting requirements. Alberta
An open letter to Canadians from oil and gas workers
Dear fellow Canadians, Canada’s oil and gas workers need your help. The perfect storm has turned into the perfect tsunami for the Canadian oil and gas industry. After five years of battling anything and everything we...
Province appoints seven to Alberta Energy Regulator board
The provincial government named seven people to the Alberta Energy Regulator board of directors on Wednesday, a move that will stabilize its governance and leadership, says the provincial government in a release.
Alberta Energy Regulator names senior Saskatchewan government official as CEO
Laurie Pushor, Saskatchewan’s deputy minister of energy and resources, is to take over the Alberta Energy Regulator’s top job April 15. The agency is tasked with overseeing the development of the province’s oil, gas...
Ottawa prepares multibillion-dollar bailout of oil and gas sector
The federal government is preparing a multibillion-dollar bailout package for Canada’s oil and gas sector that is expected to be unveiled early next week, sources say. Federal and Alberta government insiders are saying
Ottawa prepares multibillion-dollar bailout of oil and gas sector
The federal government is preparing a multibillion-dollar bailout package for Canada’s oil and gas sector that is expected to be unveiled early next week, sources say Federal and Alberta government insiders are saying...
US Considers More Water Recycling, Including from Oilfields
The Trump administration moved on a water-recycling push it says could get good use out of more of the wastewater that industries, cities and farms spew out, including the billions of barrels of watery waste generated by
FERC office issues horizontal directional drilling guidance
The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Energy Projects Office has issued fresh Final Guidance for Horizontal Directional Drill Monitoring, Inadvertent Return Response, and Contingency Plans, it announced.....
Department of Energy Invests $4.6M in Produced Water Treatment
The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy has selected four projects to receive approximately $4.6 million in federal funding for cost-shared research and development (R&D). The projects will...
New rules to take effect at Oklahoma Corporation Commission
New rules adopted by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission take effect immediately, They apply to Transportation and Petroleum Storage Tank rules and go into effect on Aug. 1
BLM offers draft for Moneta: font of revenue, pollutants
The Bureau of Land Management published Thursday its analysis of four options for expanding the Moneta Divide oil and gas field — a project that has stirred local debate over its potential for significant economic......
Under Trump, U.S. drilling permits on federal lands soar
The United States approved nearly 40 percent more oil and gas drilling permits on public lands in 2018 than it did the previous year thanks to an automated online system introduced in the waning days of the Obama.....
US Vice President on Venezuela
Media Stakeout by Mr. Mike Pence, Vice President of the US, on the situation in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
President Trump issues updated presidential permit for Keystone XL pipeline
President Donald J. Trump issued an updated presidential permit for the proposed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline on Mar. 29. The move was seen as an attempt to jump-start the project’s construction after a federal judge..
Bankrupt oil firms must clean up inactive wells, Supreme Court rules
Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that bankrupt oil companies must clean up inactive wells, overturning lower court decisions that prioritized paying creditors and potentially raising the risks of investment in the industry.
Alberta Targets $1.5 Billion Upgrader to Get More From Oil
Alberta is working to encourage construction of a C$2 billion ($1.5 billion) partial-upgrading facility that would turn more of the province’s sludgy bitumen into higher-value products. The facility, designed by Calgary