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Fossil fuels roar back in a world hungry for energy
Green car enthusiast Matthew Klippenstein pulls his early model plug-in Prius into a Tim Hortons in Maple Ridge, B.C., to take my call. As gas prices begin to soar again Klippenstein, an engineer who, among other things
The New Alaskan Oil Rush
ConocoPhillips is coming off of an incredible exploration season, reportedly the best they’ve had in over a decade, and they have Alaskan oil to thank for it. The company stuck big in the National Petroleum Reserve...
Good news could come for Canadian LNG this year with booming China imports: GMP FirstEnergy
The balance of global LNG supply and demand is shifting, and Canada might finally benefit. Chinese LNG imports have hit all-time records in the past few months, and analysts with GMP FirstEnergy expect that China will..
Survey: Texas most attractive jurisdiction for investment
Texas is once again the most attractive jurisdiction in the world for oil and gas investment, reclaiming the top spot from Oklahoma in an annual global survey of petroleum-sector executives released by the Fraser.....
U.S. Crude Output to Jump Above 11 Million Barrels a Day Sooner Than Expected
The U.S. government sees nationwide oil production jumping above 11 million barrels a day much quicker than anticipated. After oil output already topped 10 million barrels a day back in November, output will climb above.
U.S. oil industry set to break record, upend global trade
Surging shale production is poised to push U.S. oil output to more than 10 million barrels per day - toppling a record set in 1970 and crossing a threshold few could have imagined even a decade ago.
These days, oil and gas companies are super-sizing their well pads
Dave Elkin remembers in the earlier days of the Marcellus when EQT drilled three wells from a single well pad and it was considered a technological marvel. “The greatest thing since sliced bread,” Mr. Elkin, a senior....
Commentary – The Wavy World of Oil
US oil prices are treading water above $US 60/B (WTI) again, the first time since 2015. Crude oil has a northerly wind in its sails, though everybody on board this fickle ship is cautious about its compass bearing.....
New Mexico moves up in oil and gas rankings
Thanks to more barrels of oil being pumped monthly from the Permian Basin, New Mexico is among the nation’s top producing states. Industry officials in New Mexico on Wednesday celebrated the latest figures released by...
Landlocked, Canada’s oilpatch leans on tech to stay in the game
Proceed with caution. That’s how Canada’s oil and gas sector is looking at 2018. After three years of depressed conditions, the new year is expected to bring improved, but still challenging energy prices, particularly...
A new way to mix oil and water
The reluctance of oil and water to mix together and stay that way is so well-known that it has become a cliche for describing any two things that do not go together well. Now, a new finding from researchers at MIT might
More permits, more drilling equals more Pennsylvania natural gas
New permits and more drilling helped Pennsylvania's natural gas production reach a new high of 15 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in October, according to the Energy Information Administration. That represents a 25
More than half of Alaska petroleum reserve up for oil bids
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has announced it will be accepting oil exploration bids for more than half of the land on a Northern Alaska petroleum reserve that's the size of Indiana. The bureau's announcement....
API: US petroleum product demand hits 10-year September peak
US petroleum product demand averaged more than 20.2 million b/d in September, 2.4% more than a year earlier and the highest level for the month since 2007, the American Petroleum Institute reported.Deliveries, which API
The “Amazon Effect” Is Coming To Oil Markets
While OPEC mulls over further steps to once again support falling oil prices, tech startups are quietly ushering in a new era in oil and gas: the era of the digital oil field.Much talk has revolved around how software...
The oilsands at 50: Will they still be producing in 100 years?
On Sept. 30, 1967, the Great Canadian Oil Sands facility opened north of Fort McMurray, Alta., with much fanfare, bunting and speeches by politicians. It was the first large-scale commercial operation of the oilsands....
Good News for Wyoming: Jonah Energy Targets another 5.25 TCF of Gas
Jonah Energy is king of the Jonah field. Jonah Energy is the largest operator of the Jonah field in southwestern Wyoming, a major conventional natural gas play that dominated many of the headlines prior to the shale boom
Appalachian Natural Gas Processing Up Tenfold Since 2010
The massive growth in natural gas production in the Marcellus has spurred corresponding growth in gas processing capacity, according to a note from the EIA. Natural gas processing separates dry gas from the valuable....
One Denver Suburb Aims To Be A Trailblazer For Drilling Oil In Suburbia
Now a story about a community that's preparing to live amid oil and gas wells. It's a situation that's becoming more common as energy companies tap into new sources of fossil fuels. From Denver, Inside Energy's Leigh...
Oil and Water Part 2
Oil and gas operators have a complicated relationship with water. Is it a valuable resource or a necessary evil? Turns out, it’s both. On the one hand, water is necessary for drilling, fracking, and stimulating.....