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Alberta environmental monitoring agency 'on the launching pad ready to go'
A leading-edge Alberta environmental monitoring program announced with great fanfare four years ago is expected to finally begin producing “significant” results, says its chief scientist. Fred Wrona says the Alberta....
California utility 'temporarily controls' leaking gas flow
Southern California Gas Co said on Thursday it has temporarily controlled the flow of natural gas spewing from a ruptured underground pipeline that forced the relocation of thousands of residents of a Los Angeles.....
Earthquake reported near Fox Creek, AER investigating cause
Officials with Environment Canada are reporting an earthquake shook the ground in northwestern Alberta. According to Environment Canada, the 4.5 magnitude earthquake happened just before 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, between....
OK Corporation Commission Taking Actions More Often On Disposal Wells
This year, the Corporation Commission has already moved to a broader approach with disposal wells and seismicity. But even in the last month, they've taken larger actions more often.
A new standard for achieving zero pipeline incidents
Movement of product through pipelines, whether gas or hazardous liquids, is very safe. In 2013, US pipelines delivered 99.999 per cent of crude and petroleum products to their destination without incident. The goal.....
No problem with most Alberta resource dams: AER
An investigation into the structural safety of energy industry dams and ponds in Alberta has no found serious problems except at one coal mine. The Alberta Energy Regulator says its review of 55 oilsands and 14 oil....
Oilsands partners with NRG to create $20M cleantech competition
As oil prices languish, the Canadian oilsands may be changing gears. Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance and NRG Energy, an American electricity generator and distributor, have partnered to create a $20 million......
How Might The Godzilla Of El Ni?o Impact Winter Weather?
For the energy business, 2015 is turning into one of the worst years in recent memory. The outlook doesn’t appear to be improving much at the present time, but many analysts remain optimistic that conditions will change