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Laredo's new computer model leads to increased production
Laredo Petroleum Inc. has boosted its second-quarter production estimates while continuing to lower costs, the Tulsa-based oil and natural gas producer said. Speaking at analyst day in Midland, Texas, Laredo executives
Monitoring pipelines from space
Orbital Eye has created a service that can monitor oil and gas pipelines by using satellites from space. A pipeline operator from Africa has shown interest in the service. As pipeline safety is so important, operators..
Drones Help Detect Corrosion under Insulation
Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the most common forms of corrosion found in the oil and gas industry. Many components such as piping systems, pressure vessels, tanks, and other equipment are insulated for...
PG&E Testing Safety Drones to Inspect Electric and Gas Infrastructure
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is testing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, to enhance the safety and reliability of its electric and gas service. The FAA has authorized ....
Oil munching bacteria to clear up future spills
Armies of hydrocarbon-eating bacteria could form a key plank of oil-spill clean-up strategies within five years if industry quickly “latches onto the idea”, a microbiologist said yesterday. Tony Gutierrez, an associate
Sensors can detect anything from oil sands to Zika virus
Thomas Thundat works on sensors that detect things at a molecular level, which has applications as diverse as improved airport security and detecting prostate cancer. With 40 patents already filed, Dr. Thundat has turned
Enhanced Oil Recovery and Automation Converge
To combat low oil prices and smaller margins, North American oil and gas producers are moving toward digital oilfield applications to drive efficiencies with their existing wells. As a result, enhanced oil recovery.....
Digital Oilfield Filters Down to Custody Transfer
Market shocks happen and industry players adjust accordingly. A seismic shift in oil prices started in 2014 and since then major and mid-major companies have merged, declared bankruptcies, or moved to optimization.....
Edmonton researchers get $2M to look for best fracking practices
Researchers at the University of Alberta are looking at ways to make hydraulic fracking more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient when it comes to water usage. The five-year study, which has received $2 million...
Mini JPL Methane Sensor Makes Successful Flight Test
As part of a project to improve safety in the energy pipeline industry, researchers have successfully flight-tested a miniature methane gas sensor developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California....
Automation & Control Trends in 2016
This article expresses my thoughts on major automation and control trends for 2016 and beyond. These opinions are based on a wide range of inputs from users, suppliers and industry consultants, and from attending over...
“We Have to Embrace Digital, No Matter What Industry”
Technology, online shopping and cybersecurity are issues at top of mind for Target CEO Brian Cornell, as he leads the $44 billion (market cap) retailer into 2016. Cornell spoke on Wednesday as part of Boston College’s..
Nigeria to deploy drones to curb oil theft
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation will deploy drones across the territorial waters of Africa's largest oil producer as part of a series of new efforts to help curb rampant oil and gas theft, a company official
Anadarko Going Further in Deepwater with Digital Oilfield Technology
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. has turned to digital oilfield technology to address the challenges it faces in effectively exploring for and producing hydrocarbons from complex deepwater fields......
Flying Robots Replace Oil Roughnecks
Oil rig inspection is a dangerous business. Traditionally roughnecks dangled from a wire, in gale-force winds if needed, to manually log wear and tear on the girders. Assessments include giant chimneys — called flare..
Drones and data could dominate future oil fields
A pump collects data about the oil it is hauling to the surface and re-configures its operations to handle the crude more efficiently. A roughneck tripped up by a repair job logs into a mobile device from the rig......
Where should alarm configurations be managed: remote device or SCADA host?
There are many challenges with successfully implementing an effective program of pipeline alarm management. Even after you get everyone on the same page with definition and alarm philosophy, you still need to consider...
Automation Proven to Enhance Shale Production
Shale production has rocketed from 100 kboe/d to 7,500 kboe/d in less than 10 years. During the same time, shale plays across North America have seen hugely impactful developments, with drilling costs declining........
Special camera puts gas emissions in clearer focus
Gas emissions from the Bakken are having a global impact on the atmosphere, a recent study found, but health regulators say new technology they’re using to inspect oilfield sites should lead to a dramatic improvement.