If you ever wanted to invest in oil and gas but didn’t know how, Imola has a path forward.

Investment Opportunity

Imola Operations (Autumn) Ltd

Imola Autumn (3W+) is the current Imola project focus with a limited number of shares for specifically financing the drilling program. The project is in the Provost, AB area and is short named “3W+” after our intention to drill a minimum of three wells and continue with an ongoing and aggressive drilling program.

The following is a short overview of the project:

  • Imola Operations (Autumn) Ltd. is the Three Wells Plus (3W+) joint venture project is in the Provost, AB Region with the opportunity to drill three oil wells with potential to drill up to 6 additional wells for a total of 9 wells drilled and completed by operational month 12.
  • This opportunity is in a well-developed area with year-round access, existing infrastructure, and multiple custody transfer points. A total of two sections (1,280 acres) of land with surrounding lands available for acquisition, and a projected year one net profit.
  • This a business plan to: drill, complete, produce, divest, and use free flowing cash flow to drill additional wells in areas that are supported by geological, geophysical, and engineering studies.
  • Two wells planned to be divested by month five and Imola has Letters of Intent (LOI) from two funds who wish to purchase the producing wells after drilling, completion and initial production
  • Highly successful drilling location (80%+ success rate)
  • Proven Resources with comprehensive Geological, Engineering and Geophysical Analysis on the drilling Targets and Surrounding Area with 3D Seismic Data used to verify Geological Analysis
  • Newest Drilling Technologies to improve accuracy and reduce drilling time
  • Water Recycling and Treatment technologies available to Imola
  • Limited number of shares available for investment for the drilling program

Imola has a secure on-line data room available for all investors. The data room contains digital copies of land files, financial reports, plans, reserve reports, third party assessments, and other documents that are required for a thorough due diligence.

Imola is available to answer questions and discuss strategies, call (403) 235-2641 or send an email to