Imola has a pre-screening and subsequent due diligence process in place to analyze oil and gas projects that are deemed viable and fit our vision at Imola. After due diligence the projects are structured into joint venture opportunities with potential investors or working partners.

The specific projects are packaged as separate investment opportunities and provided to the investment community with varying levels of equity and debt funding options. Imola has operational control of joint ventures and partnerships to ensure the appropriate technology and operational efficiencies are deployed on all projects.

Shareholder Information

Imola endeavours to make available, to our shareholders, timely and accurate information about prior financing activities as well as current and proposed undertakings.

Imola has a secure on-line data room available for all investors. The data room contains digital copies of land files, financial reports, future plans, reserve reports, third party assessments, and other documents that are required for a thorough due diligence.

Should you require any assistance please contact our investor information department at (403) 235-2641 or